baby dinosaur playing peek a boo

Learning resources

What is the dinosaur game called?
Does the dino game have a name? Find out in our deep dive.
Did you know that the game was created in 2014? Read more about the history of the game.
Requirements to play
Spoiler alert: you need a web browser to play.
How to start
Need an instruction manual on how to start the game? Read this.
How to play
How to play the game on desktop and mobile.
Everything you need to know about obstacles.
Special features
That's right, there are special features in the dino game.
Interesting facts
Fun facts that you probably didn't know.
How long will it take to complete the Dinosaur Game?
It's probably longer than you think.
Cannot load
Troubleshoot loading issues.
Usage among students
Unsurprisingly, the game is very popular among students.
Peak usage
Want to avoid peak usage times? We've got you covered.
Can't connect
Fix connection issues.
Play without disconnecting
No need to turn off the internet.
Unblock the game
Is the game blocked? Learn how to unblock it.
Is it possible to beat the game?
Looking to beat the game? Read this.
Tips for playing
Everything you need to know to become a better player.
Play online
Even if this was originally designed as an "offline game", you can also play online.
Find out how the game ends.
How to "hack" the game
A list of common game hacks.
How to make the runner faster
Cruise through the game at light speed.
Changing character
You can play the game using your favorite character.
Changing the score
Not satisfied with your score? You can change it.
Turn off the obstacles
Learn how to freely without any obstacles in your way.
Learn how to become invincible.
Alive forever
Learn how to keep the dino alive indefinitely.
Become invisible to obstacles.
Turning it off
Want to turn off the game? Learn how.
World record
The highest score ever recorded in Dino Game.
Versions of the game
Discover the various versions of the game that have popped up over the years.
The future of the Dino Game
The game is not going anywhere. Find out that the future might have reserved for the dino game.