How to turn off the Dino game in Chrome

Do you find that Chrome's addictive pixel mini-game needs to be cast out of your reach, but you don't know how to?

Well, that's a thing that most people who have encountered terrible experiences of addiction want to put an end to. It has been winning over all the Internet fanatics since 2014.

As you read, you'll find what the Dino game is, the easy ways to turn it off, and why you should choose to, too.

What is the Dino game?

The Dino game is a simple offline game that needs no additional skills or equipment to play. It is also known as the T-rex game.

It features a pixelated dinosaur (a Tyrannosaurus rex) that needs to proceed forward by avoiding obstacles such as cacti or pterodactyls. Scoring high scores with a long streak are this game's primary objective.

The game automatically loads when you press the space bar after a "No Internet" message appears on Chrome when you have connection issues. 

You can even manually start it by looking up chrome://dino on the browser; it will load even with no Internet, so you don't have to worry.

If you're on a mobile phone, simply use the touch screen to jump over or dunk from obstacles. And if you're on a PC, use the space bar and arrow keys for the same.

How to turn off the Dino game on Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome daily, you might find it needful to make some changes to the standard features. Turning off the Dino game feature on Chrome is one of the best ways to remove all distractions, and here are three ways you can do it.

  1. Use the Google Admin Console
    1. The first thing you'll need to do is sign-in to your Google Admin Console.
    2. Then, click on the Settings option from the drop-down menu in the Google Admin Program.
    3. In the "Users and Browsers" section that appears, select the "Educational or Enterprise Institute."
    4. You will be directed to the "Browser and User Settings." Press Ctrl+F and locate the Dino game.
    5. Under the Dinosaur game, uncheck the option that says, "Allow users to play the dinosaur game when the device is offline."
  2. Use the Registry Editor.
    1. First, press Win+R to launch the Run dialog box.
    2. Type the "Regedit" command and press "OK"
    3. Follow this path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies" in the window that appears. You can copy and paste the command in the search area.
    4. Right-click on the Policies and select New > Key.
    5. Name the new Key as "Google."
    6. Right-click on the new key "Google" and create another new key and name it "Chrome."
    7. Right-click on the "Chrome" key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, and name it "AllowDinosaurEasterEgg."
    8. Keep the DWORD value data as 0, and it will turn off the Dino game.
  3. Use the Group Policy feature.
    1. Press Win+R and launch the Run dialog box.
    2. Type the command "gpedit.msc" and press OK.
    3. Next, copy and paste this path in the search bar: "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome."
    4. Find the "Allow Dinosaur game" option, turn on the "Disabled" option, and click OK.
Did you know...
You can play the dino game right on our homepage. We took the dino game to the next level. We promise you will love it!

You can turn the Dino game back on by reversing the changes that you've just made. Simple as that!

Why you should turn off the Dino game

It is no wonder that even the simplest things can excite people. And a poor Internet connection isn't good enough a reason to stay away from the computer.

If you disable the Dino game, you'll find that there are many other places to be than in front of a computer. You'll also be able to save a lot of time and invest it in more productive activities.

Moreover, that uncontrollable urge to play 'just one minute' will never disturb you anymore if you remove the chances altogether.


The endless Dino game can be made inaccessible with some simple steps. Remember that not all of these methods will work depending on your computer. So, look for the alternatives and see which works for you. 

Once you complete the process, you'll be able to steer clear of any time-wasting urge to play the Dino game. And guess what? You'll never feel bad at yourself for not wasting time because you never did!