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Dinosaur King- Dinolympics is an interesting dinosaur game that is so popular with children. This game is made for both one and two players, so, you can enjoy it with your friend or play alone. Of course, playing games with friends is always more interesting than playing alone, so, we strongly recommend you to play Dinosaur King- Dinolympics with your friend.

In case you play this game alone, you will compete with an IA character named as Com. Both you and Com will play in turn, who has the higher point is the winner.

In case you play this game with your friend, both you and your friend also join a competition. The person who has the higher score is the winner of the game.


In this game, you will control a dinosaur and participate in an Olympic of dinosaur's sports in which your competitor is your friend or an AI character. The competition is in turn and the winner will be the one who has higher score. There are total three modes in this game including Triceratops (Rocksplitting Race), Camarasaurus (Shot Put), and Stegosaurus (Clay Pigeons).

Modes in game

Triceratops Rocksplitting Race

This is a race competition between two dinosaurs about the flexibility, power, and speed. In detail, both two dinosaurs will run in two similar racetracks in which there are various spikes and rocks. Your main mission is to lead your dinosaur to the goal as fast as possible. In order to do that, on the way, you have to control the dinosaur to avoid the spikes and crush the rocks. The dinosaur comes to the goal first will be the winner. Remind you that when touching the spike, the speed of your dinosaur will be reduced.

Camarasaurus (Shot Put)

This is an interesting mode of Dinosaur King- Dinolympics game. In this mode, our dinosaurs will participate in a special sport called as Petanque. Surely if you are interested in sports, you will know about this one. In this mode, the dinosaurs will use their tail to throw the iron ball. There are total three rounds and after these rounds, who throwing the iron ball furthest will be the winner. In order to play well in this mode, you must try to increase power and set angle. The higher power you get; the further distance you can reach. In addition, when aiming at the angle, you need to try to get the angle in the middle to throw the iron ball further.

Stegosaurus (Clay Pigeons)

In this mode, your main mission is to shoot down the clay pigeons when they fly past as many as possible. Each time you destroy a pigeon clay, you will get some point depending on the color of these pigeon clays. With each orange pigeon clay, you will get 5 points when shooting down them; with the blue ones, you will get 10 points; and finally, with the pink pigeon clays, you will get 20 points when shooting down each one of them. To hit the target, you should aim slightly ahead. You will play in turn in this mode and the winner will be the one who has the highest score.


How to Play:

With each mode, the controls of this game are different but all of them are very easy.

In the Triceratops Rocksplitting Race mode

  • Player 1 uses the right arrow key to increase the speed. Use down arrow key to crush the rocks more quickly. And use up arrow key to jump and avoid the spikes.
  • Similar to player 1, Player 2 uses the button S/X/C to increase the speed, crush the rocks, and jumps.

In the Camarasaurus Shot Put mode

  • Press the right arrow key to increase the power and up arrow key to aim angle.

In the Stegosaurus Clay Pigeons

  • Use your mouse and click continuously on the dinosaur to shoot down the clay pigeons.

Tips and Tricks:

In the Triceratops Rocksplitting Race mode

  • Don't hold the right arrow key. Let's press on it continuously to increase the dinosaur's speed.
  • Try to avoid all the spikes because they make the speed of your dinosaur be reduced.
  • Between the race of two dinosaurs, there are two rollers displaying the position of each dinosaur on the race. Let's see these rollers to know your position.

In the Camarasaurus Shot Put mode

  • Never hold the right arrow key to power up, just press continuously on it to increase the power.
  • Don't aim the angle too high or too low because they make the iron ball can't be thrown furthest. The range at the middle is the best angle aim to throw the iron ball.

In Stegosaurus (Clay Pigeons)

  • There are total 10 clay pigeons in each turn. The orange clay pigeon is 5 points, blue one is ten point, and the pink one is 20 point. So, let's try to shoot down the pink clay pigeons.
  • Click the mouse on the highest of the dinosaur will help you shoot down the clay pigeons easier.

Dinosaur King- Dinolympics Unblocked

Dinosaur King- Dinolympics is really an interesting dinosaur game to play and enjoy. Especially, this game is created for two players, so, it is so great when playing this game with your best friend. Both you and your friend compete together to see who is the better in this cool game. And we bet that the boring break time at school will be blown up with this so interesting game.

However, we also know that most of the schools block all the gaming sites. This makes playing games at school become so difficult. But don't worry! You still can play Dinosaur King- Dinolympics unblocked at school on dinosaurgame.net. On this site, we offer Dinosaur King- Dinolympics unblocked version, so you can enjoy this game wherever you want. There is nothing can block you.

Now, it is the time to enjoy the game. Whether you play this game alone or with your friend, it is so great to play and enjoy. Let's start and we wish you lots of exciting moments on dinosaurgame.net!


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