Tips & tricks

Jump or hop early


One of the best ways for the dino to beat an obstacle is to make the jump a bit early. This will allow the dino to hop or jump over the cactus as opposed to waiting for the cactus to come as close and collide with it. 

If you are further on in the Chrome Dino and you have pterodactyls coming at you, try the same technique of ducking early. 

Don't duck unless absolute necessary 

Pterodactyls come at the T-Rex from both the land and the air. While you can jump or hop over those that are on land, the dino needs to duck to avoid the ones flying above. 

The good thing is that the dino can avoid most of these flying reptiles by jumping. Unless the pterodactyl is coming very low at the dino, you don't need to duck too much. 

Assume that the dino is still

Assuming the dino is still may be a bit hard considering that the T-Rex is swiftly moving its rather tiny feet. However, if you imagine that the dino is standing still and the landscape and obstacles are moving, it helps you control the game and play better. 

Did you know...
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It is so much better to stand still and jump and duck the obstacles coming your way than to run, jump, and duck all at once.

This is a fantastic strategy in the Dinosaur Game if you are serious about progressing and attaining the highest possible scores in your lifetime. 

Nevertheless, even if you somehow overcame all the obstacles in the Chrome Dino and reached the maximum scores of 99,999, the game resets itself to zero. So don't get too set on beating this seemingly easy game on Google.