Can I beat the Dinosaur Game?

The developers of Chrome Dino have made the game so that it will only max out after 17 million years. The duration of the game is in reference to the length of time the T-Rex lived on the earth before it went extinct.

If you do the math, 6,205,000,000 days make up 17 million years. The average life span of human beings, according to data, is 72.6 years or 26,499 days.

So even if a person spends every second of his life playing the Google Dinosaur Game, it is not possible to beat the game.

Besides, as soon the dino crashes into a cactus or an obstacle, the game is instantly over, and the game resets itself. Now, of course, you can save and check your high score on the Chromium site.

But before Google introduced the much-awaited feature to save the players' scores of the Dinosaur Game in 2018, as soon as the game was over, the scores also reset themselves, which was a bit frustrating.

Regardless of this impossible situation, if you have dreams of achieving the world's highest score in the Dinosaur Game, there are some tips and tricks that you can use. We share them in the section below.


Using a hacked version of the game can equip the T-Rex in the Chrome Dino with a lot of features, including invulnerability to the obstacles. Or you can hack this T-Rex game and use an AI to play the game endlessly.

However, these techniques defeat the purpose of the game and take away all the fun and anticipation in the game. Therefore, the tips we are sharing about the dino game here are for the original game.

Did you know...
You can play the dino game right on our homepage. We took the dino game to the next level. We promise you will love it!

Common question: how to play Dinosaur Game, but you can't die?

Unless you have hacked the Dinosaur Game on Google or have access to a hacked version, there is no way to make the Lonely T-Rex invincible. The dino will die when you crash into an obstacle, the game will be over, and you will need to start again.

Even if you are a Chrome Dino veteran and you can play this game like a pro, it is impossible to keep the dino running for hours without colliding with an obstacle. Even if you have the skills to keep the dino running, you will need to take breaks and pause the game or shut down the device, which will reset the game. 

So the concern of the dinosaur not dying should not be a concern.  

If you have a hacked version of the Dinosaur Game, then you simply have to locate the URL in Chrome and hit the enter key. As soon as the T-Rex game loads, tap the space bar to start playing the Dinosaur Game. Alternatively, you can also press the ↑ key to start playing the game. 

If you are on a tablet or a mobile phone and want to play the Dinosaur Game, tap on the dino to start and play the game. 

The Dinosaur Game will continue playing as long as you keep the device running. Enjoy the T-Rex game for as long as you want and achieve your highest scores!