How Not To Die In The Dino Game

If you use the Chrome browser, then you’re probably with what happens when the internet goes off, and you lose access to it. For people who don't know, the Chrome browser has a little secret that pops up only when you can’t access the internet. The dino game is a simple but fun game to play while waiting for your WiFi to come back on.

The Chrome browser is one of the best browsers around, if not the best. It's known for its highly efficient features and overall easy-to-use functionality. One such feature is the extensions feature, which allows the user to install “Apps” to the browser to allow more functionality or purely customization. Even though other browsers tried to go down this route, it has not been as successful as Chrome because Chrome was more developer-friendly, and the Google store had more to offer. Another thing about Chrome is that it’s one of the most popular browsers across all platforms such as Windows, macOS and even Linux. The game is available to play on all platforms as well.

The game is simple yet frustrating the longer you play and gather points. The game is monochrome and has cacti and rocks that add life to the game world. The game's objective is simple: control the T-Rex as you run endlessly, avoiding obstacles to gather points. The game changes into dark mode after you reach 700 points and turns back to the day mode after it reaches 1400, meaning the day and night cycle happens in multiples of 700. After a certain point, the game also introduces new obstacles such as pterodactyls to make it harder.

All these gameplay features can get annoying as you continue to play the game. Sometimes you could even want to play the game and rack up points without effort. Of course, that would take any fun out of the game, but isn't it sweet revenge? If you were looking for a hack that stops you from not dying in the game, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn how to make the T-Rex in the game immune to everything and gather easy points for that hi-score. Continue reading to see how you can do it.

If you were wondering if you could start the game even if you’re connected to the internet, then you can. Enter "chrome://dino" in the address bar, and you’re all set.

Avoiding Death With The T-Rex

Bearing in mind the game’s simple mechanics, it’s still easy to die a lot of times as the game goes on. However, this can be avoided by simply hacking and using certain commands. Follow the steps below so you can avoid death in the Chrome dino game.

  1. Load the game into a tab. You can do this by simply disconnecting your computer from the internet, which will prompt the game to appear, or you can just type in "chrome://dino” from the address bar, and the game will load.
  2. You can start the game by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard.
  3. Now, right-click on the game and select "Inspect" from the drop-down menu to open the Developer Tools section. Alternatively, you could use the keyboard combination CTRL+SHIFT+I to open the same.
  4. Now in the Developer Tools section, head over to the Console tab on the top right of the section and click on it.
  5. Now on the console, type this command: var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver. Then press enter.
  6. Next, you need to type in another piece of code which is: Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}
  7. Proceed with closing the Console.
Did you know...
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If you follow all of the above steps correctly, you’ll find that your T-Rex will be running indefinitely with nothing to stop him.

Wrapping Up

The Chrome dino game might not be the most fun, but it’s certainly a cute one. It’s not that bad of a way to pass the time when your internet is down. But you can’t deny the game is certainly frustrating. With what you’ve learned today, you can make your T-Rex essentially immortal. So the next time you feel like just shutting the whole computer down, just use this neat trick, and you can watch your T-Rex run endlessly while it sets a new hi-score for you.