How To Make Runner Invisible

Have you ever managed to score high in a dino game? If not, you must be curious about each level and how the game progresses, as once the dino touches the bird or cacti, you’re back to the start. 

In that case, you might have wondered how to make the runner invisible so that you can go on playing and increase your score without dying! Well, that’s possible! We’ll share some secrets with you so that you can play the game with ease and won’t have to see “GAME OVER.”

Making The Dino Invisible

You’ll need to hack the game to make the dino invisible, as that’s the only option. Also, since the game is written in Java, hacking it is simple and easy. As the game progresses and the game speed increases, the dino must duck cacti, pterodactyls, etc. 

You should also know that the game can randomly change the background, drawing away the attention, and making it a bit challenging to focus. All you need to do is keep your focus straight in dodging the obstacles.

The dino game starts in an easy mode, but after every 100 points, the speed increases, obstacles become larger and pop frequently. Once you cross 500 points, pterodactyls come flying but can dodge them by using the down arrow key instead of using the space bar to jump. Again, you should know that after reaching 700 points, the game will automatically change to dark mode but switches back to normal after earning 900 points. Lastly, once you reach 1000 points, the difficulty level increases, which can cause a distraction. 

Thankfully, there are a few hacks that you can use to make your dino invisible so that it can run without being affected.

So if you want to learn how to make the runner invisible, we’ll guide you step by step and help you out. 

  • Open the game directly through Chrome’s URL, i.e., “chrome://dino.”
  • Once the game appears, click right and then go to the “Inspect” menu. This will open the Chrome Developer Tools window, and you can click on the “Console” tab.
  • Now, you can type or copy-paste this code inside the box “var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver” and press enter.
  • Next, enter this code, “Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}” inside the box.

Once done with your code, you can enjoy your game, as the dino remains unaffected by the flying objects or cacti. Your dino can run forever, and there’s no way to stop the game. However, if you wish to revert the setting to normal, you can copy-paste this code “Runner.prototype.gameOver = original” to the box. This will start a new game, and you’ll be back to the start.

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Opening The Console

You can right-click and click on inspect to open Chrome Development Tools for Google Chrome. Similarly, for Linux, Chromebook, or Windows, you can use CTRL-Shift-J, and for Mac, you can use CMD-Shift-C. 

Knowing these hack codes can sometimes be helpful, especially when you’re tired of hitting the obstacles and starting the game repeatedly. This dino game was initially developed to keep its users entertained when there’s an interruption, or the internet goes down. However, now you know how to start the game without disconnecting the internet; you can play it anytime. 

If you’ve never played this game before, it requires you to dodge the obstacles by jumping so the dino can keep running and score points. In addition, you can also make the dino run fast and slow and jump high and low.

Tips To Score More In The Dino Game 

If you want higher scores, you can hack the game, as some players have scored the highest points by hacking the game. As easy as it is to play the game, hacking is easy too! 

However, if you don’t want to hack the game, you will find these tips helpful:

  • Stay calm and focused so that you don’t panic and press the space bar too early or too late. That way, it’s easier to control.
  • Dodge early and jump quickly.
  • You don’t have to dodge the flying objects often as some can be ignored.

Lastly, practice concentration to score higher points and beat your record!