How long will it take to complete the Dinosaur Game?

If you're curious about how long it takes to complete the Dinosaur Game, it will take you 17 million years. This duration is in reference to how long the T-Rex lived on Earth before its extinction. 

But since no human being can live or let alone play a game for 17 million years, the developers made the game in such a way that it resets itself. So if you can somehow overcome all the cacti and other obstacles in the game and score 99,999, which is the maximum score, the Chrome Dino will reset itself. 

Did you know...
You can play the dino game right on our homepage. We took the dino game to the next level. We promise you will love it!

The Chrome Dinosaur Game belongs to the runner game genre. In other words, the Chrome Dino has no end making it very similar to games like Temple Run and other runner games.

At the time of writing this Chrome Dino post, no player has reached the maximum score on Google Dinosaur Game. In fact, Chrome dino's developers have mentioned that they don't expect anyone to beat the game, which is understandable since 17 million years is indeed a very long time. 

However, if you are serious about reaching the maximum score on Chrome Dino, Google has a feature where you can save your high score. You can access your high score from Chrome Dino's source code on the official site of Chromium.