How to play Dinosaur Game

Playing the Dinosaur Game on Google is very easy. If you are offline mode or your internet connection is running slow, the Chrome Dino will load automatically. Tap on the dino or the space bar to play the game, depending on whether you are using a mobile phone or a PC. 

However, if you want to play the Chrome Dino while still connected to the internet, you can also do it, and we will show you the steps in the following section.


There are several hacked versions of the Google Dinosaur Game all over the internet. But the link we provide to the dino game is authentic from Google. This access from the game's developers offers an arcade mode so you can play the Chrome Dino in a full-window experience. 

The full-window experience is in stark difference to the hacked versions of the Dinosaur game, where the game opens in very small windows. 

To play the Google Dinosaur Game on a laptop or PC, here's a guide:

  • Access Google Chrome and type in


  • Press enter, and Google


    Dinosaur Game will load 
  • Press the space bar or the ↑ to start the game. 
  • As the Lonely T-Rex starts running, you will encounter obstacles, including cactus and pteranodons. Pressing ↑ will make the Dino jump over these obstacles and will prevent the game from ending.
  • If you want the dino to jump higher, continue pressing on the space bar or the ↑ key without lifting. The dino can benefit from jumping higher during the later stages of the game when the cactus becomes bigger in size and taller in length. 
  • As the Chrome Dino game progresses, the speed increases and the T-Rex needs to duck the obstacles. Pressing ↓ makes the Dino duck avoid getting hit by obstacles and keeps the game going. 
  • To pause the Dinosaur Game while on PC, press the ALT key. Alternatively, hitting the F11 key also pauses the Chrome Dino game in PC mode. 

To play the Google Dinosaur Game on mobile, here's a guide:


This Chrome Dino guide applies to both Android and iOS devices. 

  • Run Google Chrome and type in


    to play the game while still connected to the internet. 
  • To start the Chrome Dino game, tap the dino. 
  • In mobile mode, tapping the dino also makes it jump over obstacles.
  • After the dino starts running, you don't have to keep tapping on the dino to make it jump. The dino will also jump if you tap anywhere on the screen. 

There is no key to making the dino duck when you play the Chrome Dinosaur Game on mobile. However, Chrome Dino automatically detects it when you are on a mobile device.

The Dinosaur Game adjusts the Y coordinates of the game so that the obstacles do not spawn at the T-Rex in a manner that needs ducking. so you don't need to worry about ducking. 

Did you know...
You can play the dino game right on our homepage. We took the dino game to the next level. We promise you will love it!

If, however, you connect a physical keyboard to the mobile or tablet, you can play the Dinosaur Game as if you would on a desktop. In this case, you can jump and duck the dino and pause the game. 

The controls are:

  • Space bar or ↑ key to start the Chrome Dino
  • Long press the ↑ or the space bar to make the dino jump higher
  • ↓ key to duck the dino
  • ALT or the F11 key to pause the game