Can't connect to the Dinosaur Game

You are not alone if you cannot connect to the Dinosaur Game on Google. There are certain times when the Dinosaur Game will not load, regardless of whether you try to play it online or offline.

The Chrome Dino is essentially an offline game meaning that it will automatically load if you are not connected to the internet. However, as we have covered the reasons in the above section, network operators occasionally disable the game so you cannot connect to the Chrome Dino.

If you cannot connect to the Dinosaur Game while you are offline, you can try contacting the server administrators. Or you just need to wait until the network admins enable the game back on, and it solves the problem in most cases. 

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On the other hand, if you cannot connect to the Dinosaur Game while you are connected to the internet, you might have options. 

Check if you have the right URL in the Omnibox or the search box. The correct URL to access the Chrome Dino is


. If the URL of the Chrome Dino is incorrect, try inputting it correctly and then try loading the game. 

However, if the URL to the Dinosaur Game is correct and you still cannot connect to the game, it is possible that the network administrator has disabled it. In this case, you can try calling the enterprise admins and asking them to enable the game. However, if getting in touch with your network operator is not an option, you just have to wait it out.