Obstacles in Chrome Dino

The objective of the Lonely T-Rex in the Chrome Dino is to keep running while overcoming the obstacles in the desert landscape. 


The first obstacle is a cactus that appears at about 43 points mark and is spread throughout the game. Since cactus is native to the harsh conditions of a desert, it makes sense that the developers added them as an obstacle in the game. 

The spiky cactus in the Chrome dino increases in size and length as you progress into the game. You just need to concentrate on making the dino jump so as not to end the game. 

Despite the increase in size, the cactus in the Chrome Dino comes at regular intervals, which is great. In addition, the cactus only comes from the same position, aka the ground, so you just need to concentrate on making the dino jump and hop whenever they appear. 


The second obstacle in the Dinosaur Game is the pteranodons or the pterodactyls. The pterodactyls were a later addition to the game, and they only appear after you have played the game for a while. 

If you are good at making the dino jump over the obstacles and reach 450 points, it's time to face the pterodactyls. These are bird-like reptiles that were known for their sharp teeth and claws and existed during the cretaceous period. 

Unlike other reptilian creatures, the pterodactyls were carnivorous. In addition, pteranodons were also capable of walking and flying, and they had very strong wings. 

Keeping this in mind, the pterodactyls in the Chrome Dinosaur Game come at the dino from above and below. To avoid the pterodactyls in the game, jumping and hoping is not enough to keep the dino alive. In this regard, ducking the dino to avoid the biting and clawing pterodactyls is the way to keep the game going. 

Did you know...
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The pterodactyls in the Dinosaur Game were added to Google Chrome in 2015. So your browser needs to be an updated version of 2015 or later. 


The meteor is a rare obstacle that the dino will face in the Dinosaur Game. However, if you play this addictive runner game frequently, then you might have encountered this rather big obstacle in Chrome Dino.

A meteor is a celestial event that strikes once in a blue moon. In Chrome Dino, the meteor or an image of a meteor heads towards the Lonely T-Rex whenever a network administrator disables the game. 

Network administrators can disable the Dinosaur Game whenever there is excess game time on it. This inconvenience is especially true if you are in school or a workplace and the time you spend on the game is affecting your quality of work. 

When the server administrators disable the Chrome Dino, your dinosaur will face the meteor. To overcome the image of the meteor, ducking the dino with a down key usually works. However, it won't be long till the Chrome Dino won't load, so you don't have to worry too much about this obstacle in the game.