How does Dinosaur Game end?

The Dinosaur Game ends as soon as the T-Rex collides with an obstacle, which is a cactus or a pterodactyl. Along with the Game Over prompt, the Chrome Dino resets itself, meaning that the scores also resets to zero.

In theory, the Dinosaur Game is pretty simple since you have to jump over the cactus and duck the airborne reptilian birds. And the beginning of the Chrome Dino is simple and easy to play.

However, as you progress into the game, it gets trickier to keep the T-Rex from crashing into the obstacles for a couple of reasons:

  • First, the game's speed increases gradually. A combination of the running T-Rex and the oncoming obstacles make it difficult to maintain a steady pace. This is where our tip about good concentration and decent hand-eye coordination will come in handy to sustain the game. 

  • Second, the cacti obstacles increases in length and clumps. In addition to the increased speed of the Dinosaur Game, the cactus that comes at the dino becomes taller and comes in bigger clumps. 

In this regard, jumping the dino higher is the best strategy, and you can do this by pressing longer on the space or the ↑ key. Making the dino jump a bit early is also a good move to avoid crashing into the obstacle. 

Did you know...
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The Lonely T-Rex crashing with an obstacle will end a session of the Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome. However, there is no end to the Chrome Dino since it is a runner game that is set to max out at approximately 17 million years.

So if you are wondering how the dino game ends in general, then there is no end. Even if you somehow reach the maximum score of 99,999, the game will reset as soon as you hit the number.