How to change characters in the Dino game

Do you want to switch characters in Chrome’s Dino game to make your pastime even more exciting? You're in for a treat because you can turn your pixelated dinosaur into a Godzilla or pterodactyl and get custom characters with some simple steps.

But what if you wanted to customize the dino so accurately to the game to get Sonic? Yup, you can do that too and turn him into a ball when you want to feel the speed. And you’ll discover all that in just a few scrolls down.

What is the Dino game?

The Dino game is one of Google Chrome’s secrets that allow you to spend your time playing an offline mini-game while you wait for your Internet connection to restore.

The dinosaur that appears on your “No Internet” screen can lead you to an addicting game with simple a press of the space bar.

The primary and only objective within the game is to avoid obstacles by jumping or dunking whatever comes your way using the arrow keys (up and down) or space bar.

How to customize the dinosaur

A minor alteration can make a big difference when you’re playing something for a long time, especially one that can even go on without end. Here’s how to customize or change the skin in the Dino game:

  1. First, you’ll need to launch the game by going to chrome://dino
  2. Next, press the space bar to start the game.
  3. Then, press F12 or Fn+F12 to launch the source code.
  4. Under the “Elements” tab, look for “offline resources” and click the arrow at the beginning of its line.
  5. In the “offline resources-2x”, double click on the text after “src=” and cut the text within quotation marks. You will replace it with the URL of an image sprite sheet that contains your favorite character.
  6. Next, you can paste the image URL of your desired character and press Enter. There’s more about creating custom characters in the next section.
Did you know...
You can play the dino game right on our homepage. We took the dino game to the next level. We promise you will love it!

Creating your own URL for a custom character

With the help of some simple edits in Photoshop or similar apps with photo manipulation features, you can create your own Dino game character to bring you the glory of a high streak.

First, you must paste the text you have cut earlier into a new tab. Then download the picture.

Next, download another picture with the character of your choice and copy the two images into the photo editing app.

Now, if, for instance, you’ve downloaded a Godzilla image to embed into the original, you need to first remove the background and add it to the original sprite sheet.

You can then proceed to the editing! Copy the image with the transparent background you want, paste it over the original image, and align it accordingly. You can do this step for as many sprites as you like.

Then, you can proceed to erase the original images that overlap and save the final image.

The final and most crucial step in obtaining a usable sprite sheet is to upload the image to a website and obtain its URL. Now you need to copy the URL and paste it into the source code where you earlier removed the image source text from.

Hit Enter and F12 or Fn+F12, and you will now have the Dino game with your own custom character.

Here’s a code ready for you: Copy and paste this link into the designated area, and you’ll get Sonic to star in your game!

Why create a custom character in the Dino game?

Since the Dino game gets more challenging with each increase in score, you’ll need some interesting characters to keep you entertained as you aim for the highest streak.

You’ll also be able to boast to friends about your new hero in the game. And guess what? There’s nothing better than a character that stands out while looking at your replays or live streaming.


Now that you’ve learned how to switch characters in Chrome’s Dino game don’t wait for any more to try them out.

You’ll have to accept the challenge of creating the code from scratch to get unique and expressive characters. That way, you’ll be able to get a Godzilla or an even better pterodactyl than the default available.

Regardless of whether you have a poor Internet connection or you simply want to break your score, you now know you’ll never be bored again!