April 5 2022

March 2022 Update

March was better than expected, with a total of 6,586 page views. As you can see from the chart, there was a spike on March 26th, due to someone posting the website on Reddit.

Here’s our traffic breakdown by channel:

We also started receiving some traffic from search engines: 122 visitors to be exact. Referral traffic also spiked due to several blogs covering us.

About our analytics...

You might have noticed that our page views and visitors numbers are the same. This is because we are using a modified version of the Google Analytics tracking script, which does not store cookies.

This is great for user experience because we don’t need to show those annoying cookie banners, but also means that Google Analytics cannot recognize the same visitor across page views. Each page view is therefore considered new visitor. This also means that we cannot track bounce rate and time on site.

For now we’re ok with just tracking page views. In the future we plan to either switch to a regular version of Google Analytics or possibly to a cookie-less alternative like Fathom.

Back to the traffic channels: the “Social” traffic is again mostly Reddit. Fun fact: it looks like the Reddit post is no longer available, most likely because the subreddit where it was posted (r/InternetIsBeautiful) does not accept games. Strange rule, but who are we to judge?

Speaking of Reddit, this month we also launched the dinosaur game subreddit. There’s not much activity going on at the moment, but this should hopefully change in the near future.

That’s about it for our March update. We have a good feeling about next month.

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