June 9 2022

We just had our first day with over 1,000 page views!

We’re posting this outside of our regular monthly updates because we just reached a very important milestone: 1,000 organic daily page views.

This is actually not the first time we get more than 1,000 page views in a day: it also happened during our Product Hunt launch and when we appeared on Reddit.

However, it’s the first time we organically reach this milestone, meaning without going viral or getting featured somewhere.

We launched this website 4 months ago with the goal of reaching one million monthly users in 12 months. This roughly translates to 35,000 users per day. We are now roughly at 2% of our goal, but growing fast!

In fact, for the past 5 days we’ve been growing at an average of 30% per day. This is pretty insane growth, albeit for small numbers.

So here’s what’s next:

We want to keep increasing our traffic month over month by a factor of 2.5. This will allow us to reach our traffic goal by the end of the year.

To do that, we need Google to start noticing us. Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo simply cannot provide the type of growth we are looking for.

We also need to step up our game in terms of social media. We already have a few ideas in this regard, one of them being a Twitter account that automatically tweets interesting stats from our leaderboard.

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